Thursday, 27 September 2012

Food and Culture

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Food and Culture
Food is important to Pacific Island people because if there was no food they would not survive.
Taro has more carbohydrate than potatoes. Taro came from Hawaii because the early Polynesians brought 
the taro to the Pacific Islands. Taro is good for babies. It is a staple diet of the Pacific Islands. 
Taro grows very well on mountains and close to the sea. Taro is a root vegetable.
I think we should use taro in an energy drink because it has carbohydrates.

The early Maori settlers came from central South America. They brought kumara to New Zealand.
Kumara grows in fertile soil. It has more carbohydrate than potatoes. Kumara was the staple diet for Maori.
I think everybody should eat kumara.