Friday, 28 June 2013


Walt: create an awesome netball rap.

Never give up when you play netball.

Everyone tries to win the game.

Try to be the king.

Ball is the spirit.

Apples give you energy.

Live it like a king

Lose like a queen.

Perimeter and area

This game is all about perimeter and area. This shape is quadrilateral rectangle. It was very easy to play. This game was not that hard. The score that I got from this game was 9 out of 9. The answer that I put was 22. Next I would like to learn about algebra.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mum stepped

Walt: use better words.

Mum stepped over the other players that she was playing against. She stepped like she was the master at stepping. She was running as fast as a cheetah. She scored a try. “Hi mum” said John. “Did you see my try?” said mum. “Watch me kick the conversion,”  Mum said. Mum kicked the ball and she got the ball over the post.

She formed a plan for her team. The plan was a cut around the person. The plan worked perfectly and they scored another try. She kicked the conversion and it was over the post. “Mum you’re very good at kicking”, said John. “I made up that plan that we did”, said mum. “That plan worked perfectly”, said John.

When  mum was running with the ball she got tackled from a very powerful woman. She got wounded. She couldn’t walk.

After for a few minutes she could walk. She played for the last 4 minutes. After the game she got an award for the player of the day. Mum had bruises on her rib and her arm. She went home with her son.  

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Math Coupon

This game that I was playing was hard. This game is all about which coupon is best for the person. I like this game because it is challenging. If you get the answer wrong it will give you an example for the answer that you picked. Next I would like to learn algebra.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Ancient Egypt Report


Walt: write an information report.


Egypt is in the north of Africa. Egypt has two neighbors on the left and on the right. Libya is on the left of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Egypt also has a capital city called Cairo. Egypt mostly had 100 pharaohs.

Nile river

The Nile river was the biggest river in Africa. The nile river also flooded. In Autumn the river overflows its banks. When the river floods it brings good soil to the land.


In ancient Egypt The three pyramids of Giza uses to be the tallest structure in the world. The tallest pyramid out of the three pyramids was a pharaoh called Khufu. His pyramid was the tallest pyramid. In modern Egypt king Khufu’s pyramid is still the tallest in Egypt.


The farmers in egypt were never angry at the nile river because the farmers always used the nile for its good fertile soil that it brings. The soil will only come when the nile river flooded. The farmers will have to lose their crops. When their crops are gone they will have to wait until the flood in over before they could plant their new crops.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Soccer Math

I am learning about decimals. This game is addition decimals. The levels became harder and harder. I didn’t put an answer because if you click the answer it will disappear quickly. The answer was 6.51. This game was very difficult for me. Next I would try to learn everything about decimals.

Friday, 14 June 2013


Walt: write a information report.

In  Ancient Egypt it was believed that mummies will live in the afterlife. Priests were in charge of mummies. In Egypt it was believed that the priest will send the dead body spirits to afterlife. The priest touched the body with  instruments. In a mummy’s body the organs and the brain was removed but the heart remained. The body was salted and dried. Then the body was stuffed with cloth to keep its shape. After the body was oiled and then wrapped tightly to stop the body from rotting. Then the body was placed in a case or a decorated box. The people that were special or the pharaohs were placed in a stoned coffin.

Iliumination: Turtle Pond

I am learning about angles. This game was very interesting for because this game had to have the right units to get to the pond. Then you have to measure to get to the pondI found that this game was difficult and easy. Next I would like to try a very harder game and also I would like to learn more about algebra.

Jump Rope

Walt: write a report.

On the 7th of June Glen Innes had an amazing day of jump rope.

All the classrooms had made up their own routines. It was held in the hall. Friday was just a practice run through. Parents came to enjoy their child skipping along the music. All the kids had lots of energy for skipping.

Every class routine had to have a four or a five minute song. All the songs were amazing. Parents were taking pictures of their child. At Glen Innes the skipping had very amazing tricks.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Intergrating Maths and Topic

Walt:make sense of our learning.

In room 11 we have made paper pyramids. We were doing it because we were studying about pyramids in Egypt. It was very easy making the pyramid. We all were learning about the seven wonders of the ancient world. I was very fascinated by my work. In Egypt the pyramids were man made. It took a lot of work to make giant pyramids. I was also learning Egyptians architecture. I was very difficult to do. But I got one perfect drawing.  

The Egyptian Basket

This is a picture about an Egyptian basket full of crops. There are many kinds of food in the basket. I drew crops that grew in Egypt. The food that I drew was grapes, melons, cucumber, onions, lettuce and barley.  

The Sphinx

The Sphinx was made of limestone. The Sphinx was built for Pharaoh Khafre. It was there for his resign. It was built before Christ. The Sphinx represents the Pharaoh in form of a lion or a god. The structures nose was missing. The Sphinx was very big. It had a door just between the two legs. That is all the information I have.

Ratio Stadium

I am learning about decimals and percentages. I am in the yellow colour coming first. The was there because when you press the answer it will disappear. The answer is 4/8. Next I would like learn algebra.