Friday, 25 October 2013

Picture Time

Everyone is getting ready for a picture. Britney and the Minister is having a serious talk.


The Minister has finished his swab. He is dancing.


The Minister is about to get a swab. He says and the swab goes into his mouth. After that is done he gets a sticker.

Maths Apocalypse

I am learning about multiplication, division, subtraction and addition. This game is very easy. I didn't make a mistake. Next I would like to learn more about algebra.

The Blaze of Fire

Walt: write a narrative.

Fireworks has began and Jodies family were very excited. Jodie went down to the dairy with his brother Zac to get fireworks. “Which one should we get, the shockers or the earthquakes” said Zac. “Hmm I think the shockers” Jodie replied. They bought the shockers and walked back home.

It was night time. Jodie and Zac brought out the shockers. Jodie gave a huge firework to his dad. His family was inside the house watching them. Jodie’s dad lit up the firework and ran away. When Jodie looked at the firework it wasn’t very still. It was wiggling and moving around. When the flame stopped it fell. Jodies dad went and tried to stand it up but it blew up a firing circle right into the house. It lit the curtains and the bed was on fire. Everyone evacuated the house. Zac called the fire brigade. The  house looked like it was melting. The was a  crackling sound and clouds of smoke.

As the family were outside the fire brigade just arrived. They were holding bucket of cold water. One man went up to the house and threw the water on a flame that was going to grow. Then every fire men threw their bucket of water. They kept on going until fire was distinguished. The paramedics arrived to check on the family if they were ok. The doctors were asking questions about what caused the blaze of fire to start. Jodies dad stood up and told them what cause it. “It was me I didn’t stand it up properly” said Jodies dad. “At least everyone is safe” said the doctor. After a few days Jodies family finally got their house back. Jodies dad then said make sure stand the fireworks up properly.

The theme of the story is check every time you light up the fireworks.  

Chase, I think your idea of fireworks is very good. you could write more by describing  a character.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Sports Camp Photo


Tupou was very focused when he had his first game of croquet. At the end of the game he won.


We had scramble at the end of Monday.

End of the first day

Walt: write a narrative.

On the first day of sports camp everyone packed their bags. We boarded the bus and took our seats. The engine roared very loudly then moved. The bus was zooming through the motorway like a Bugatti. We arrived there in only 10 second. The bus stopped very fast and everyone including the teachers knocked their heads on the opposite side of the seats. We walked out rubbing our heads. I got out of the bus and fell on the ground and thanked  the lord that the ride was finished. I grabbed my bags and ran to my amazing two story house. I got my stuff ready and went  to my first activity.

Kayaking was my first activity. I was very excited that I climbed a tree and jumped off. Then I walked to the river. When I just got there it was already my turn. I looked at the kayak, it looked old. I didn’t care if it was old I just jumped into the kayak. I grabbed the paddle and took off. When I first took off I heard a cracking sound in my boat. I thought I was going to die because the water was deep like the Mariana Trench. I was panicking. But I didn’t remember that I had a life jacket on. So instead I tried to paddle to the end but something else happened. As I was paddling it didn’t look like my boat was moving. I stopped and looked at my paddle. Both of the ends had disappeared. I could do  nothing  but use my hands.

As I paddled with my hands I came across long box. I opened the box and looked inside. It had a paddle with two ends and some duct tape. At first I put the duct tape on the crack and put the water back in the river. Then kept on going. I saw the finish line. I paddled as fast as I could. I passed the finish line with relief. I got out of the boat and ran to my friends. I said to myself to get a better kayak next time. I went to my two story house got changed and went outside to watch the next activity.

The theme of the story is take a kayak that doesn't look old.