Friday, 13 September 2013

Travel Wise

On the 13 of September I was in a Travel Wise programme. I had a lot of fun when I was with police. I had to talk to the drivers to stop speeding. There were 14 drivers that were not speeding and 25 drivers that were speeding. I talked to 5 bad drivers and then two good drivers. At the end of the programme I got a turn on a speed gun. You had to point the red dot at the front of the car.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Maths group

I am learning about tally charts. I finished very quickly because I know how to do a tally chart. I had a die to roll. The die had numbers from 1 to 6. Kaho and I rolled the die. The first number we got was 2. We kept on rolling the die to get all the numbers. We rolled it up to 20.

Probability game

I am learning about probability. Probability means that it is more likely a 50 50 chance. This game that I played was not the hard. I kept on playing it and I finally get it. Next I would like to learn about algebra.

Read a table

I am learning how to read a table on this game. This game is very easy for me. I had no trouble playing this game. I had lots of fun playing it. Next I would like to learn more about measurement.


When you play this game it is all about fairness. Kaho and I were playing it and we had a lot of fun. The others in my group were having fun as well. In my group we are all learning about probability.

Cross Country Rap

Walt: write a rap/poem.

Cross Country

Starting off everyone runs
I can’t run I had McDonald buns
My tummys stuffed I had lots of food
People saying run but I’m mood
I try my best to keep on running
But as everyone knows that I’m not stunning.

I’m last with a blast
everyone ahead me
I think should stay still and let me be
My school cheering heavily
I sprinted towards another racer
and now i’m coming 4th placer.

I ran past three players and now i’m coming 1st place
I am now running the last lap
I can hear the racers hyperventilate  
I’m picking up the pace
and now I have finish the race.