Thursday, 30 May 2013

Pyramid Solitaire

This is a card game which I am learning about. The answer I have is 10 and 3. The point of this game is to add up to 13. So 10+3=13. The game was like my topic. I am learning about Egypt. Next I would like to learn harder games than this.  

King Tutankhamun

Walt: write the story of Tutankhamun (Tut).

Tut was only nine years old when he became a pharaoh. He ruled Egypt from 1333 to 1324 BC. He died when he was eighteen. Tuts dad was Akhenaten. He was king before Tut. Tut married his step-sister Ankhesenpaaten. Tuts dad married Neretiti. He was king in the ancient world. It was believed that he died by murder or by fracturing his leg and it got infected.

A Egyptologist Howard Carter found his tomb in vally of kings at Luxor. Tut famous burial mask is found in an  Egyptain Museum in Cairo. Tut was about 5ft, 8 inches tall. His tomb was very small. The bodies of two baby girls were mummified and placed in king tuts tomb in small coffins. He was slight build but was well nourished.

Howard Carter discovery of Tutankhamun came from Lord Carnarvon. Carnarvon died at the same day that king Tuts opening of his burial. Carnarvon died by a mosquito bite on his cheek. Lord Carnarvon’s dog Susie howled and dropped dead. Also Howard Carter's pet died by getting eaten by a snake. A number of people that were involved with the opening of king Tut’s tomb died shortly afterwards. A majority survived to a ripe old age. Those that died shortly afterwards were quite elderly or in poor health.



At Tamaki College Glen innes had technology. The year sevens were in Mr.Nobel class. Our walt was to learn how to draw like artist. We were learning about graphics. I was very excited to be in his classroom because I like to draw. The work that Mr.Nobel gave us was easy. The challenging part was the art the I had to draw. I finished the question the he gave me. I had to answer them. My success criteria was to finish everything that Mr.Nobel.   

Shapes game

I am learning about shapes. On the left side there are quadrilaterals and on the right side there are triangles. On the left hand side there are 4 equal sides, 2 equal sides and no equal sides. On the right hand side there are equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene. Next I would like to learn algebra.

Friday, 24 May 2013

3 questions

Walt:answer 3 question.

When is the best time to do things?The best time to do things is when I go Sylvia park with my cousin.
Who is the most important person?The most important person is my nana and my little nephew.
What is the right thing to do?The right thing thing to do is when I walked away for Kelvin when he tried to have a fight with.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Pyramid of Giza

Walt:write an information report.

The pyramids were built because when the pharaoh dies the Egyptians would put him into a tomb then finally put him into the pyramid. The pyramid was built over 2000 years before Christ. The pyramid was built to protect the pharaoh’s body.  

The Great pyramid was built for Pharaoh Khufu.  King Khufu ruled Egypt for over 20 years.  

Khufu’s pyramid was built in Giza. It was built on a plateau. The pyramid was built away from Cairo. The pyramid entrance was always in the north. The pyramid was part of other buildings.

The pyramids height was almost 7 metres high. The Egyptians used 2,300,000 limestone blocks. The pyramid was the tallest structure before the Eiffel Tower was built.

People are allow to go into the pyramid. You have to be fit to go in the pyramid because the tunnels are skinny. Mostly tourist explore the giant pyramid. Inside the pyramid is very small. Khufu’s pyramid was one of the seven wonders.

Friday, 17 May 2013

The Beach

The Beach

Johns cousin Willie comes every weekends. They go to the same beach every time. “I forgot what beach this was” said Willie. “ I think it surfs bay” said John. “Oh” said John. When Willie and John swam to the deep side they could still touch the ground. John and Willie swam and swam until they couldn’t see land. They went far as possible. They tried to swim back but they were nowhere to be seen.

John and Willie were screaming for help, but all they could see was pitch blue. They see anything but only sea water. They were freezing cold. No one could them. There was a loud sound. Broom. “What was that” said Willie. “What was what” said John. “That sounded like a boat nearby” said Willie.

A boat appeared out of nowhere. Both of them screamed hey.As they screamed they could taste the salt water. The man driving the boat turned and drove the boat towards  John and Willie. They both clawed their selves to the boat. The man took them back. When they went home they both didn’t tell their parents.

The theme is that swim where you can see land.

Drawing Angry birds

Walt: integrate art and topic.

I chose angry birds because it was simple to draw. I research the picture and then sketched it. It took three steps to do the picture. I painted the sketch green. I painted the details. I enjoyed it. I had lots of stuff to do on this picture. I think this picture was very easy to draw.

Google lit Trips

One day I was walking around a small town called Glen Innes. When dawn was breaking I began to explore the town. As I was walking down Line road I saw a street called Eastview Rd. I began to walk on that street. There was an interesting school called Glen Innes School.I saw a very big library. I wanted to go in but it was lock. So then I walked down to the Merton Rd railway. I thought that I could walk over it but it was actually for trains. After that I walked down to the AMI netball and looked around. I saw a big mountain called Mt Wellington. Then I took a long trip to Tamaki college. I looked around it. It was a very big college. Then I went to my motel and went to sleep.

Habu the Asp

Habu the asp had a very loud hiss. Every time slithers near animals they would always disappear. The animals were always scared of Habu. He was also scared of some animals. He was scared of them because he might be killed by them. He slithered fast through the sand. A wooden object appeared into his sight. He move slowly towards the wooden object and slithered around it. Inside the wooden object was filled with figs. He moved inside it. A sand storm arrived. After the sandstorm past a little girl arrived and picked up the wooden bowl filled with figs. She picked up one fig and washed it one by one. When she picked up Habu she dropped the bowl and scooter straight to her house. He slithered to the river. He saw Yasmine the crocodile. Her mouth was wide open. Habu saw her sharp teeth. He saw a tree trunk and went to it. It wasn’t actually a tree trunk it was Hamse the elephant. He was shaking to get Habu of him. Habu slithered off to his hole and relaxed. Then he went to sleep.  

Coordinates game

Walt: learn coordinates.

I am learning coordinates. It was very easy. It wasn’t difficult for me. There is one letter on each side. The X  axis is the  horizontal line and the Y is vertical line. Point of this game is to locate aliens by typing in the answer. The answer that I typed in was (3,9) which was correct. Next I would like to learn more about algebra.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Multiplication Facts game

I am learning multiplication. The times table that I was doing was very easy. I got all the answers right. I got nothing wrong.

Nothing was difficult. I could improve by learning all the times tables going to 1000. Next I would like to learn more about measurement and algebra.


The ancient Egypt Myth

The Mummy case of lady Teshat

Osiris is an ancient Egyptian Myth.

Osiris an Egyptian  God ruled earth for many years. He was very kind to others. He taught people how to do the right thing. His wife Isis ruled Egypt for a short time. Osiris traveled the world. His brother Seth was jealous of Osiris being so popular. When Osiris arrived back in Egypt Seth murdered him. Seth put him in a wooden coffin and he cast it into the Nile River.

The coffin washed ashore at Byblos in  Lebanon. The king of Byblos had to cut down the Tamarisk to put a pillar there. Seth cut Osiris body into pieces. Isis found all the pieces. When Isis found all the pieces of Osiris she use her magic to put the pieces back together.
Then Osiris returned back to his country.


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Island of Paradise

Walt: write a creative story in paragraphs.

My Island of paradise

My islands population will be 800,000. People won’t  steal anything because they will go to the dungeon underground. All weddings will be huge. All the pools on my island will have the highest and longest hydro slide. The pools will be the best.

The law will be people will have to live in beach houses and some in mansions. I’ll have all the coolest and the fastest cars. The mansions will will have secret places.

Some beach houses will have lollies, cookies and other sweets. My island will be protected by highly trained professional swats and the amy.