Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to grow Carrots

Walt: write an explanation.

Carrots are vegetables. They are orange and they can turn to different colours like purple, yellow, crimson and white. But the main colour is orange. Carrots have a slight sweet taste to it. Carrots are warm summer crops like Beans, Squashes, Tomatoes, Sweet corn and Zucchini. Growing carrots need steps and equipment to grow them.

Firstly, here are the stuff that are needed. The most important thing to grow carrots are carrot seeds. If there is no carrot seeds then there will no carrots in your garden. There has to be a garden full of good soil. There must be garden tools and water. Then you need compost or fertiliser or manure.

Secondly, when you buy the carrot seeds there must be a sentence that says how many days does the carrots grow. The garden box must be cleaned. Rocks, large barks and rubbish must not be in the garden. When you plant the carrots the hole must be ½ cm deep and 5mm wide. The soil must be fertilised for about 3 to 4 weeks before sowing. It takes about 3 months to grow a carrot.

Carrots are healthy. Carrots have vitamin a in them. Vitamin a is good for your vision and it is helpful for you lungs, kidneys and other organs to work properly.

Chinese New year Foods

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Friday, 24 October 2014


This game is called Brainie. This game is very easy game. My score is 3975. What you have to do on this game is add or subtract the numbers that pop up. The number that popped up on my game is 15 so I have to add or subtract to get the answer. Here is a link to this game or go to cool maths games.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How to make tea

Walt: write an explanation.

Tea is enjoyed by people around the world. They are also used for breakfast and you can have tea whenever you like. There are steps to make a cup of tea. Some people like putting sugar in it but some people like putting no sugar in it because they are probably a sweet free person. Here are some facts and steps on making a cup of tea.

Firstly, there are some different taste about tea. Some are mint and some taste like leaves or some other stuff. But they taste yum. Bread, Cookies or muffins are some foods that can be dipped in the tea for yummy taste.

Secondly, the steps on how to make tea. You need crockery, tea spoon, tea bags, milk, sugar and a boiled kettle. That is all the stuff you will need.

Lastly, making the tea is going to be in steps. The first steps is put the tea bag in the cup then pour the boiled water. Wait until the tea bag has brew. Then take the tea bag out and mix the tea. Then add sugar and milk. Mix the tea and that is how you make your tea.

People loves tea. The tea was actually made in china. The british people said that they liked the tea and the british people took the credit and that is why the tea names are from british.  

Friday, 17 October 2014

Adding and using tidy numbers

Walt: solve addition problems by first adding a tidy number and then subtracting a small number to compensate.

This is my worksheet. You have to work out the equation by using tidy numbers and a number line. I have learnt a lot. Developing these strategies helps me work on my adding, number lines and tidy numbers. I want to work on my numbers because I  want to add numbers very quickly so I don't take forever to figure it out.