Tuesday, 2 December 2014


I am learning about Geometry. Sumdog is a good site to play your math games. The answer for this question in the coloured blue triangle because it looks the same as the green triangle. I enjoyed playing this game. I didn't find this game very hard. It was very easy for me.

Here is a link to play this game.


Viliami said...

kiaora Chase
I think this game is to easy for you and i have play that game is well and it is
a bit heart to me because i don't learn my timetable

Langaiva said...

Kia Ora Chase
I have played this game too. It was easy for me because I just need to learn geometry. What would you like to learn about next?

Wesley said...

Kia Ora Chase
Good on you Chase for learning your geometry. It seems that this game is to easy for you. What would you want to learn next?

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