Friday, 19 April 2013

My Reflections for Term 1


In reading my overall was a 2P which was disappointing for me because it wasn’t above the national standard. I did not achieved much. I had no gaps in reading. I need to achieved lots of things.  I got a 2A in ideas and deep thinking. The rest I got a 2P except for one. The thing I need to achieve is make links between different parts of the text. I need to listen what my teacher is talking about so that I can be at the national standard.

I was below the national standard and I wasn’t impress of myself. For my overall  result I got a 3P. My gaps was to use equations to represent practical situations. I need to learn to sketch and interpret graphs which represent everyday situations.
For geometry and statistics I got a 3B. I was below the national standard. I think my parents won’t be impress of my work. I need to learn to draw and explain simple scale maps. I want to get a 4B at everything so that my parents will be impress of me. If I listen then I might get a 4B. My gaps was to describe situation represented by statistical  data displays. I have achieved designs and make
pattern using translation, reflection and rotation.
For next term I hope that I get a 4B in my reading and maths.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Passions

Walt: use photoshop.

At ICT the year 7 students were sketching their passions. They were learning how to use photoshop. We downloaded 8 images for our sketching.

We made layers on photoshop because one of the layers had an eye closed. We had to click on the middle layer and make the opacity 80%.

The student were colouring in their picture. The students saved it on their google Docs. We went on and on until we reach our eighth passion.

My Toy Ramp

Walt: make a toy.

Room 11 were coming up with ideas to make their  toys. I made a toy ramp. It had to be a simple toy to make.  Everyone were making different toys.

My mechanism was a ramp. Mr Hendricks was judging our projects in the library. Britney, Mikayla and Matthew were the top three. I made my ramp out of              cardboard. The five mechanisms in most  toys are wheels and axles, screws and wedges, pulley, ramps and levers.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Dear Mrs Robinson

Dear Mrs Robinson

Thank you Mrs Robinson for teaching us Taekwon-Do at Glen Innes School. I enjoyed kicking and punching the pads. I also enjoyed the front snap kick and the scissors kick.

I have now learnt the tenets of Taekwon-Do which is Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable spirit. I have also learnt the student oath.

I will have to improve Courtesy because sometimes I talk when the teacher talk. Next, I will try to talk in Korean.

Yours sincerely

Place Value: Penguins placing

This game is a place value game. The point of the game is to put the three penguins on the places of numbers. The number that is given to you have to be one of the hundredths, tenths and ones. The number that was given to me was 447. I put one of the penguins on 400 the other on 40 and the last one on 7.

The next thing I would need to learn is Algebra.