Monday, 9 December 2013

Shark tessellation

This is a picture of shark tessellation. Tessellation is a repeated pattern. It took me very long to make it. 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tarte Tatin

We are nearly to the finish. This time we are putting the filling. We are adding ice cream. In my sights it looks yummy. Wait there is one more to come.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Elephant vs Crocodile


I am learning about measurement. This game is very easy for me. It is not difficult. I like this game. The that I put in was 1kg. Next I would like to learn more about algebra.


I am learning about measurement. This game was easy but I got some wrong. It is sort of difficult for me. I like this game because it is challenging. Next I would like to learn more about algebra.  

Friday, 8 November 2013

Estimaton game

Quia- Inference Battle

Adjectives and preposition

Use these words in a sentence

Use these words in sentences.

1. Kelvin is bigger than me. Bigger

2. Jalal is the saddest than the class.Saddest

3. Chase is happier than Langa. Happier

4. Chase is the luckiest than langa. Luckiest

5. I am better the Victor. Better

6. I am the best at games. Best

7. My teacher is the busiest in my class. Busiest

8. Langa is more energetic than Chase. More Energetic

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Walt: 1.write a narrative.
          2. Use words to paint a picture.
          3. Use senses.

It was time for John’s first day of fireworks. John had never done fireworks before. His face was red. He said to himself that he was afraid. He went to his room and stayed in there. He didn’t come out.

When night began fireworks flew through the wind and blew up into little ashes. John was scared of the very bright light when the fireworks blew up. John heard a sound calling from downstairs. It was his mother. His mother was calling him to come and hold a sparkler. He didn’t know that his family does fireworks. But it seems that they do. John went down the stairs silently so that his mother didn’t know that he came down. He got caught by his dad. He was sent to hold the sparkler. John was trying his best to get away from the sparkler. But suddenly a little spinning cascade flew just through his legs and blew up. He yelled and then he ran back to his room.

John rushed to his bed and covered his entire body with his blanket. He couldn’t close his eyes. Everytime he tried to close it fireworks exploded. John saw a box of sparklers in his room and he saw a lighter. He knew that he wasn’t allowed touch the lighter. He picked up the lighter and he lit up the sparklers. He had goose bumps. He thought that he will burn. He was feeling little sparks on his hand. John then wasn’t afraid of the fireworks any more.

John went downstairs and enjoyed the fireworks with his family. Everyone was happy.

The theme of the story is that fireworks is not scary if handled correctly.      


Friday, 1 November 2013

Badminton poem

Walt: write a poem.

I’m starting to serve to the other side
I’m hoping that it doesn’t go out wide.
He hits it back like he had super powers
but as I try to hit it, it pops in my face.

We are trying to succeed
So I hit it with a lot of speed.
At the end of the game
there is no shame
but who ever wins get shoved in the bin.



I am learning about perimeter. I think this game is easy for me. This game was not that challenging for me but I really liked it. Next I would like to learn more about algebra.

Perimeter: find the missing side lengths

I am learning about perimeter. This game is sort of easy. I really like this game because it was challenging for me. I wish there were more games that are challenging. Next I would like to learn more about algebra.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Picture Time

Everyone is getting ready for a picture. Britney and the Minister is having a serious talk.


The Minister has finished his swab. He is dancing.


The Minister is about to get a swab. He says and the swab goes into his mouth. After that is done he gets a sticker.

Maths Apocalypse

I am learning about multiplication, division, subtraction and addition. This game is very easy. I didn't make a mistake. Next I would like to learn more about algebra.

The Blaze of Fire

Walt: write a narrative.

Fireworks has began and Jodies family were very excited. Jodie went down to the dairy with his brother Zac to get fireworks. “Which one should we get, the shockers or the earthquakes” said Zac. “Hmm I think the shockers” Jodie replied. They bought the shockers and walked back home.

It was night time. Jodie and Zac brought out the shockers. Jodie gave a huge firework to his dad. His family was inside the house watching them. Jodie’s dad lit up the firework and ran away. When Jodie looked at the firework it wasn’t very still. It was wiggling and moving around. When the flame stopped it fell. Jodies dad went and tried to stand it up but it blew up a firing circle right into the house. It lit the curtains and the bed was on fire. Everyone evacuated the house. Zac called the fire brigade. The  house looked like it was melting. The was a  crackling sound and clouds of smoke.

As the family were outside the fire brigade just arrived. They were holding bucket of cold water. One man went up to the house and threw the water on a flame that was going to grow. Then every fire men threw their bucket of water. They kept on going until fire was distinguished. The paramedics arrived to check on the family if they were ok. The doctors were asking questions about what caused the blaze of fire to start. Jodies dad stood up and told them what cause it. “It was me I didn’t stand it up properly” said Jodies dad. “At least everyone is safe” said the doctor. After a few days Jodies family finally got their house back. Jodies dad then said make sure stand the fireworks up properly.

The theme of the story is check every time you light up the fireworks.  

Chase, I think your idea of fireworks is very good. you could write more by describing  a character.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Sports Camp Photo


Tupou was very focused when he had his first game of croquet. At the end of the game he won.


We had scramble at the end of Monday.

End of the first day

Walt: write a narrative.

On the first day of sports camp everyone packed their bags. We boarded the bus and took our seats. The engine roared very loudly then moved. The bus was zooming through the motorway like a Bugatti. We arrived there in only 10 second. The bus stopped very fast and everyone including the teachers knocked their heads on the opposite side of the seats. We walked out rubbing our heads. I got out of the bus and fell on the ground and thanked  the lord that the ride was finished. I grabbed my bags and ran to my amazing two story house. I got my stuff ready and went  to my first activity.

Kayaking was my first activity. I was very excited that I climbed a tree and jumped off. Then I walked to the river. When I just got there it was already my turn. I looked at the kayak, it looked old. I didn’t care if it was old I just jumped into the kayak. I grabbed the paddle and took off. When I first took off I heard a cracking sound in my boat. I thought I was going to die because the water was deep like the Mariana Trench. I was panicking. But I didn’t remember that I had a life jacket on. So instead I tried to paddle to the end but something else happened. As I was paddling it didn’t look like my boat was moving. I stopped and looked at my paddle. Both of the ends had disappeared. I could do  nothing  but use my hands.

As I paddled with my hands I came across long box. I opened the box and looked inside. It had a paddle with two ends and some duct tape. At first I put the duct tape on the crack and put the water back in the river. Then kept on going. I saw the finish line. I paddled as fast as I could. I passed the finish line with relief. I got out of the boat and ran to my friends. I said to myself to get a better kayak next time. I went to my two story house got changed and went outside to watch the next activity.

The theme of the story is take a kayak that doesn't look old.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Travel Wise

On the 13 of September I was in a Travel Wise programme. I had a lot of fun when I was with police. I had to talk to the drivers to stop speeding. There were 14 drivers that were not speeding and 25 drivers that were speeding. I talked to 5 bad drivers and then two good drivers. At the end of the programme I got a turn on a speed gun. You had to point the red dot at the front of the car.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Maths group

I am learning about tally charts. I finished very quickly because I know how to do a tally chart. I had a die to roll. The die had numbers from 1 to 6. Kaho and I rolled the die. The first number we got was 2. We kept on rolling the die to get all the numbers. We rolled it up to 20.

Probability game

I am learning about probability. Probability means that it is more likely a 50 50 chance. This game that I played was not the hard. I kept on playing it and I finally get it. Next I would like to learn about algebra.

Read a table

I am learning how to read a table on this game. This game is very easy for me. I had no trouble playing this game. I had lots of fun playing it. Next I would like to learn more about measurement.


When you play this game it is all about fairness. Kaho and I were playing it and we had a lot of fun. The others in my group were having fun as well. In my group we are all learning about probability.

Cross Country Rap

Walt: write a rap/poem.

Cross Country

Starting off everyone runs
I can’t run I had McDonald buns
My tummys stuffed I had lots of food
People saying run but I’m mood
I try my best to keep on running
But as everyone knows that I’m not stunning.

I’m last with a blast
everyone ahead me
I think should stay still and let me be
My school cheering heavily
I sprinted towards another racer
and now i’m coming 4th placer.

I ran past three players and now i’m coming 1st place
I am now running the last lap
I can hear the racers hyperventilate  
I’m picking up the pace
and now I have finish the race.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Popplet on skin

B.F Maths game

I am learning about tally charts. This game is not that hard. When I first played this game it was easy. But when it kept on going it started getting harder. When start you have to click on the children's faces to get there hobbies. Then you have to play the bar graph part, and then the star part. The star part was very easy a first. Next I would like to learn more about measurement.  

Tally Chart and Bar Graph

In maths I am learning to group my 20 counters according to colour and display the data. First I had to draw a tally chart. Here is my tally chart.

Here is my bar graph.

Here is my online 2D bar Graph.

In my tally chart and my bar graph I found that pink was the tallest bar because I had the most pink counters. Pink was 7. Green was 6. Yellow was 3. The least was red and blue. They are the smallest because they stop at 2.


Walt: write a report on the Sumatran Tiger.

On 28 August at Wellington Zoo a Sumatran tiger named Cantik was put down. She was suffering from a malignant adrenal tumour. She also had arthritis. She was brought from the Netherland’s Zoo in 1994. Cantik means beautiful in Indonesia.

Everyone will be saddened at the zoo. Cantiks little cub called Rokan is still in the Wellington Zoo. She lived for 21 years. It was very sad to see her die.  

Friday, 23 August 2013

The Whale Child

Walt: analyze the character in the story.

The character that I chose to analyze is the whale child. She wasn’t named by her biological parents because they sank to the bottom of the sea. The whale child was raised and fed by whales. She had a favourite whale. It was the youngest whale. They would play together all the time they’d see each other. She always follow the whales everywhere they go. The whale child was feeling something awful. Another boat was floating across the water. The whale child swam as fast as she could until she couldn’t swim any more. She tried to find the whales but they had left her behind. She felt something pulling her and lifting her. She was wrapped and pull across and hard surface. The whale child was sitting on the edge of the boat and was hoped for the whales to come back.


Walt: write a story with a conclusion.

On Thursday Flint had a project on skin. He also had a trip to an unusual place. His trip money was paid and he hoped on the bus and went with his class. When he arrived the place was filled with slime and stuff that looks like wobbly jelly. He took samples of it and studied it as he move slowly with his class. He asked his teacher what is this place. Flints teacher said this is germator this place is at Glen Innes. Flint felt confused for a while then he asked i’ve never heard of this place. Everyone were scratching. Including his teacher. He looks at his laptop and saw a big problem.

“Oh no” said flint. This place is filled with germs. Flint was terrified. He ran back to the bus and hid behind the chair. Flints friend Tommy was still outside but he wasn’t jumping around like the others. Flint called Tommy to get back in the bus. Tommy ran to Flint. He asked Flint what's the matter. Flint said its germs everywhere. Flint saw his class scratching and spitting on the ground. They were possessed. They wouldn’t stop.

Flint and Tommy made a cure to stop the possessment. They both ran to them and drop sprinkle of the cure. They waited for it to work. After a few minutes it worked. Then they tipped it on everyone. They were back to normal once again.   

The theme of the story is always take care of your skin.

Reduce Fractions to the lowest term

I am learning about simpler flying fractions. I think this game is not difficult for me because the point of the game is just to get it to its lowest fraction. I was struggling when I first played it. I thought it was hard. But I kept playing it so that I could learn more about it. I am now very good at  simpler flying fractions.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pio Terei

Walt: use our research to write an essay on  an inspirational person.

Pio Terei

Pio was born in 1958. He is a actor, singer and  comedian.

Pio Terei inspired me to be a funny actor on movies that my class makes. He is very funny. I watched him on the advertisements. He is on a freeview advertisement. He was also on a programme on Maori TV called “What’s in the bag.” He was is in a movie called “Are we there yet?” He was so lucky to have a show called Pio. I wish I had a show named after my name.

He is in many shows. Pio has a family. He has three children and a wife called Debbie. He is a member of representing parents on the board of Trustees of St Peters College Auckland.  

Pio is the person that inspired me and I will always remember him.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Prevention is better than cure

Walt: respond to the presentation given by the public health dept.

On 6 August Glen Innes had nurses and a few  league players from the Vodafone Warriors present at a special assembly. I learnt that to always tell someone that if I have something wrong with my skin or my throat. If I have a sore throat I will get  a nurse or Elizabeth to do a swab.  

One of the Warriors Sione had a swab test. He was too scared to open his mouth. Sione’s mates told us to say ahh so that Sione could open his mouth. It was very simple. An old Warriors player Awen Guttenbeil talked  about  living with rheumatic fever. He had  injections from doctors. When he had this fever he didn’t tell his parents. He didn’t want to miss out on his sports. The next morning when he woke up he felt  paralyzed. He pulled himself  up to get to his parents. They quickly took him to the doctor.

The next time I have a sore throat I won’t keep it away from my parents.

BBC KS2 bite size Maths

I am learning about fractions. All you have to do is put the piece to make ¼. What was easy about this game is that adding pieces. Nothing was difficult. I felt myself struggling when I first played this game. Next I would like to learn more of fractions and measurement.  

Friday, 2 August 2013


Walt: write a response to the talk by Evan.

On Wednesday a special guest from ASB had a talk to every class. I think he made my life with money change because I was never good with money. I would look at my money and run to the shop the spend it. Evan was very funny to us. Evan also had two friends that weren't good with money. I think Evan was the funniest visitor that came to my school.

Whiteboard activity

I am learning about fractions. This game is all about fractions. It is very easy to play. I got every single answer right. I was not that good a fractions but now I know. Next I would like to learn more about measurement.

My Dads Raw Fish

Walt: retell the story.

Every Friday after work dad would go out fishing to make raw fish. He would catch enough fish for a feed. Dad wouldn’t mind if I could pick out the lime. But mum will. The worst job is scaling and gutting the fish. I would get my little brothers to do the job because they're younger than me. When that is done dad cuts the fish into pieces.

First dad puts the pieces of fish into a bowl. He adds tomatoes, spring onions, salt, lime and coconut cream. He mixes it together.

Next dad leaves the bones in the raw fish. He leaves the bones so that they don’t eat it very quickly. He doesn't add lemon in the raw fish because lemon is too sweet. He adds lime because it is tangier.   

Then finally the raw fish is finish. We have raw fish for dinner. In the Cook island the traditional way in the old days is that older picks first. Now Dad has been made the raw fish maker.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sides, Vertices, Faces, Edges

I am learning about sides, vertices, faces and edges. This game is very easy.  Its not that difficult. I got all the answer right. I thought that this was hard but it was very easy. Next I would like to learn more about Sides, Vertices, Faces and Edges.

Jump Rope For Heart

Click here to read my Book.

Friday, 28 June 2013


Walt: create an awesome netball rap.

Never give up when you play netball.

Everyone tries to win the game.

Try to be the king.

Ball is the spirit.

Apples give you energy.

Live it like a king

Lose like a queen.

Perimeter and area

This game is all about perimeter and area. This shape is quadrilateral rectangle. It was very easy to play. This game was not that hard. The score that I got from this game was 9 out of 9. The answer that I put was 22. Next I would like to learn about algebra.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mum stepped

Walt: use better words.

Mum stepped over the other players that she was playing against. She stepped like she was the master at stepping. She was running as fast as a cheetah. She scored a try. “Hi mum” said John. “Did you see my try?” said mum. “Watch me kick the conversion,”  Mum said. Mum kicked the ball and she got the ball over the post.

She formed a plan for her team. The plan was a cut around the person. The plan worked perfectly and they scored another try. She kicked the conversion and it was over the post. “Mum you’re very good at kicking”, said John. “I made up that plan that we did”, said mum. “That plan worked perfectly”, said John.

When  mum was running with the ball she got tackled from a very powerful woman. She got wounded. She couldn’t walk.

After for a few minutes she could walk. She played for the last 4 minutes. After the game she got an award for the player of the day. Mum had bruises on her rib and her arm. She went home with her son.  

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Math Coupon

This game that I was playing was hard. This game is all about which coupon is best for the person. I like this game because it is challenging. If you get the answer wrong it will give you an example for the answer that you picked. Next I would like to learn algebra.