Friday, 30 August 2013

Popplet on skin

B.F Maths game

I am learning about tally charts. This game is not that hard. When I first played this game it was easy. But when it kept on going it started getting harder. When start you have to click on the children's faces to get there hobbies. Then you have to play the bar graph part, and then the star part. The star part was very easy a first. Next I would like to learn more about measurement.  

Tally Chart and Bar Graph

In maths I am learning to group my 20 counters according to colour and display the data. First I had to draw a tally chart. Here is my tally chart.

Here is my bar graph.

Here is my online 2D bar Graph.

In my tally chart and my bar graph I found that pink was the tallest bar because I had the most pink counters. Pink was 7. Green was 6. Yellow was 3. The least was red and blue. They are the smallest because they stop at 2.


Walt: write a report on the Sumatran Tiger.

On 28 August at Wellington Zoo a Sumatran tiger named Cantik was put down. She was suffering from a malignant adrenal tumour. She also had arthritis. She was brought from the Netherland’s Zoo in 1994. Cantik means beautiful in Indonesia.

Everyone will be saddened at the zoo. Cantiks little cub called Rokan is still in the Wellington Zoo. She lived for 21 years. It was very sad to see her die.  

Friday, 23 August 2013

The Whale Child

Walt: analyze the character in the story.

The character that I chose to analyze is the whale child. She wasn’t named by her biological parents because they sank to the bottom of the sea. The whale child was raised and fed by whales. She had a favourite whale. It was the youngest whale. They would play together all the time they’d see each other. She always follow the whales everywhere they go. The whale child was feeling something awful. Another boat was floating across the water. The whale child swam as fast as she could until she couldn’t swim any more. She tried to find the whales but they had left her behind. She felt something pulling her and lifting her. She was wrapped and pull across and hard surface. The whale child was sitting on the edge of the boat and was hoped for the whales to come back.


Walt: write a story with a conclusion.

On Thursday Flint had a project on skin. He also had a trip to an unusual place. His trip money was paid and he hoped on the bus and went with his class. When he arrived the place was filled with slime and stuff that looks like wobbly jelly. He took samples of it and studied it as he move slowly with his class. He asked his teacher what is this place. Flints teacher said this is germator this place is at Glen Innes. Flint felt confused for a while then he asked i’ve never heard of this place. Everyone were scratching. Including his teacher. He looks at his laptop and saw a big problem.

“Oh no” said flint. This place is filled with germs. Flint was terrified. He ran back to the bus and hid behind the chair. Flints friend Tommy was still outside but he wasn’t jumping around like the others. Flint called Tommy to get back in the bus. Tommy ran to Flint. He asked Flint what's the matter. Flint said its germs everywhere. Flint saw his class scratching and spitting on the ground. They were possessed. They wouldn’t stop.

Flint and Tommy made a cure to stop the possessment. They both ran to them and drop sprinkle of the cure. They waited for it to work. After a few minutes it worked. Then they tipped it on everyone. They were back to normal once again.   

The theme of the story is always take care of your skin.

Reduce Fractions to the lowest term

I am learning about simpler flying fractions. I think this game is not difficult for me because the point of the game is just to get it to its lowest fraction. I was struggling when I first played it. I thought it was hard. But I kept playing it so that I could learn more about it. I am now very good at  simpler flying fractions.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pio Terei

Walt: use our research to write an essay on  an inspirational person.

Pio Terei

Pio was born in 1958. He is a actor, singer and  comedian.

Pio Terei inspired me to be a funny actor on movies that my class makes. He is very funny. I watched him on the advertisements. He is on a freeview advertisement. He was also on a programme on Maori TV called “What’s in the bag.” He was is in a movie called “Are we there yet?” He was so lucky to have a show called Pio. I wish I had a show named after my name.

He is in many shows. Pio has a family. He has three children and a wife called Debbie. He is a member of representing parents on the board of Trustees of St Peters College Auckland.  

Pio is the person that inspired me and I will always remember him.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Prevention is better than cure

Walt: respond to the presentation given by the public health dept.

On 6 August Glen Innes had nurses and a few  league players from the Vodafone Warriors present at a special assembly. I learnt that to always tell someone that if I have something wrong with my skin or my throat. If I have a sore throat I will get  a nurse or Elizabeth to do a swab.  

One of the Warriors Sione had a swab test. He was too scared to open his mouth. Sione’s mates told us to say ahh so that Sione could open his mouth. It was very simple. An old Warriors player Awen Guttenbeil talked  about  living with rheumatic fever. He had  injections from doctors. When he had this fever he didn’t tell his parents. He didn’t want to miss out on his sports. The next morning when he woke up he felt  paralyzed. He pulled himself  up to get to his parents. They quickly took him to the doctor.

The next time I have a sore throat I won’t keep it away from my parents.

BBC KS2 bite size Maths

I am learning about fractions. All you have to do is put the piece to make ¼. What was easy about this game is that adding pieces. Nothing was difficult. I felt myself struggling when I first played this game. Next I would like to learn more of fractions and measurement.  

Friday, 2 August 2013


Walt: write a response to the talk by Evan.

On Wednesday a special guest from ASB had a talk to every class. I think he made my life with money change because I was never good with money. I would look at my money and run to the shop the spend it. Evan was very funny to us. Evan also had two friends that weren't good with money. I think Evan was the funniest visitor that came to my school.

Whiteboard activity

I am learning about fractions. This game is all about fractions. It is very easy to play. I got every single answer right. I was not that good a fractions but now I know. Next I would like to learn more about measurement.

My Dads Raw Fish

Walt: retell the story.

Every Friday after work dad would go out fishing to make raw fish. He would catch enough fish for a feed. Dad wouldn’t mind if I could pick out the lime. But mum will. The worst job is scaling and gutting the fish. I would get my little brothers to do the job because they're younger than me. When that is done dad cuts the fish into pieces.

First dad puts the pieces of fish into a bowl. He adds tomatoes, spring onions, salt, lime and coconut cream. He mixes it together.

Next dad leaves the bones in the raw fish. He leaves the bones so that they don’t eat it very quickly. He doesn't add lemon in the raw fish because lemon is too sweet. He adds lime because it is tangier.   

Then finally the raw fish is finish. We have raw fish for dinner. In the Cook island the traditional way in the old days is that older picks first. Now Dad has been made the raw fish maker.