Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Share pencils

Walt: share pencils.

Langa and Samuel


I am learning about place value. This game is not difficult. I used my multiplication. Next I would like to learn about algebra.


Walt: write an explanation.

Playing softball will need equipment.

First, a game of softball needs to have a big field. In case of the ball hitting something. Then you need players to be able to play softball. Next the players need to be divided themselves into two teams. So one team can field and the other team can bat.

Secondly, the team that fields needs to have a backstop and a pitcher. The whole team needs to wear mitts because the ball twill be too hard to catch. The backstop wears a special suit to keep himself safe from the ball or the bat.

Lastly, the team that is batting needs to wear a helmet because if the  pitcher pitches the ball hard the ball might hit the batter's head.

Next if the ball hits the player or if the pitcher doesn’t pitch properly four times the batter gets to walk to the first base.

A game of softball is a very fun game to play. Players can get points by a home run or by catching the ball and a game of softball is a competition against the two teams.



Friday, 14 February 2014

Face Puzzle

Sumdog Math

I am learning how to add to 100. The answer is 10. I used my basic facts to my answer. This game is not difficult for me. Next I would like to learn more about algebra.

The Running Race